One to one coaching – nutrition

A habit based approach to improving your nutrition and your relationship with food.

I’m a firm believer that diets DO NOT WORK! in-fact they not lead to more weight gain in the long term but also lead us to lose the ability to recognise our bodies hunger cues or feel guilty for eating food that isn’t deemed as “clean”. This lovely coaching programme combines mindset and nutritional coaching to help you unpick and then rebuild your relationship with food, see through the marketing ploys used by the diet industry and build confidence around the food choices you make. And not an awful diet shake in sight 😉 We also look at wider lifestyle issues such as sleep, stress, self care and exercise because its all connected.

This is perfect for you if

Would like to feel nourished and empowered rather than deprived by your nutrition 

Would like to find a sustainable way to eat for the rest of your life 

Would like to feel supported by a fitness and nutrition coach who has been through the same process

Would like to move away from a world of calorie counting and brutal workouts and find inner confidence and an intuitive way to eat and move 

You are fed up of being targeted with the latest quick fix diet and you’re ready to totally redefine your nutrition 

You are ready to change the way you think about nutrition 

What’s involved 

Once you have completed an enquiry form below, we’ll have a chat on the phone and I’ll ask you to complete a number of client questionnaires. Each session is created just for you and we will tackle your specific nutrition problem areas to help you build healthy habits for life. Sessions are done via Zoom or if local to Leamington, at your own home. 


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