One to one fitness coaching – post baby

This starts with restoring, strengthening and reconditioning your core. This key to building a strong foundation on which to rebuild your fitness and pre-pregnancy exercise levels. We then create your own pathway so you can build up your training volume, load and intensity over time.

This is perfect for you if 

You are wanting to return to pre pregnancy exercise (at any level) and understand the need to strengthen the core and pelvic floor first 

You have been diagnosed or experiencing pelvic floor symptoms (leaking, prolapse, pelvic pain) but would like to move in the ways you love 

You have diastasis or some lower back pain and you’re not sure which exercises are going to help 

You’ve been referred by a Womens Health Physiotherapist and would like support with your return to pre-pregnancy exercise and fitness.

What’s involved 

Once you have completed an enquiry form below, we’ll have a chat on the phone and I’ll ask you to complete a screening form. Each session is created just for you and reflects your individual needs and goals. Sessions are at your home / your local gym (permission required) and approximately an hour long. Together we’ll navigate your post natal exercise journey with the very latest and evidence based approaches.


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