One to one fitness coaching – pregnancy

I help mums-to-be navigate their way through an active pregnancy. 

Many women wish to exercise through pregnancy but feel confused by the generic information out there, coupled with social media stylised ‘no excuses/fit pregnancy’ influencers or the suggestion that they ‘rest for 9 months’. 

I create Fun and effective sessions for mums to be which are tailored to the stage of pregnancy that you are in, and include:

- Fitness coaching and support on how you can continue the exercise you love but make appropriate modifications e.g. to higher intensity exercise

- Functional fitness coaching to strengthen your body for pregnancy and labour (and mum life after giving birth!)

- Education on pelvic floor and good pelvic health throughout your pregnancy and beyond

- Information on how to apply the principles of self care, nutrition and stress management during pregnancy 

- Birth preparation as you near your due date 

- A guide to your recovery so you can start some breathing and light core work after birth

This is perfect for you if...

You are a keen exerciser or gym goer and having a straightforward pregnancy and would like to continue your usual exercise. I can help you make modifications so you maintain your athleticism whilst scaling appropriately to reflect the stage of pregnancy you are in. 

You are having a less straightforward pregnancy and have permission to exercise from your healthcare provider, but you’re not sure what to do! I can help to create your own exercise plan unique to your own needs. 

You are keen to exercise during pregnancy but haven’t for a while or you are experiencing some pelvic floor issues (such as leaking or prolapse or pelvic pain). I can help you to build up strength and stamina throughout your pregnancy with focus on your core and pelvic floor.

What’s involved 

Once you have completed an enquiry form below, we’ll have a chat on the phone and I’ll ask you to complete a screening form. Each session is created just for you and reflects your individual needs and goals. Sessions are at your home / your local gym (permission required) and approximately an hour long. Together we’ll navigate your pregnancy exercise journey with the very latest and evidence based approaches.


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