One to one fitness coaching – virtual clients

If you’re not local but would still like pregnancy, post natal or nutrition coaching, then sign up to be a virtual client. 

Sessions are completed via Zoom technology so we are still ‘face to face’ (thank you technology!). 

You may not even need my physical presence but would like your own bespoke programming that you can do in your own gym. This can be done bi-weekly or monthly and works beautifully for those who would like to return to exercise they love post baby and are just not sure how they do this.

Or maybe you just need help planning out your workouts or solving a specific problem and would like an in depth consultation. These power hours can be used however you would like from a post-natal assessment to writing a plan to support your return to running / lifting. 

This is perfect for you if:

  • You are already a member of a gym and would like your own bespoke programme

  • You are motivated to exercise on your own but would still like the guidance of a personal trainer

  • You are not local to Leamington but would still like to train with Embody Training

  • You have a specific goal and you’re not sure how you can train towards that e.g. return to running post baby, managing a prolapse when exercising etc

Whats involved 

Once you have completed an enquiry form below, we’ll have a chat on the phone and I’ll ask you to complete a screening form. Sessions will then be tailored towards your individual needs and goals and may be a combination of virtual ‘face to face sessions’ as well as check in via whatsapp or text. Workouts may be supplied via a training app alongside ‘how to’ videos for the specific exercises. 


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