Pregnancy and Post Natal Personal Training

Expecting and having a baby is a massively exciting time but with excitement comes a host of changes to the body - hormonal, emotional and physiological.

Working with a pre and post natal exercise specialist can help prepare you for the biggest endurance event of your life - labour, and help your body recover and heal once your baby has been born.

There are so many benefits to working out pre and post pregnancy and even in the months pre conception:

  • Increased energy levels during pregnancy

  • Better posture

  • Improved sleep

  • Shorter labour

  • Increased muscle endurance/strength

  • Quicker return to pre pregnancy weight

  • A strong and healthy pelvic floor and core

  • Enhanced wellbeing and self image


I offer personal training and fitness classes in Leamington Spa for both pre and post natal clients.

I have worked with many women who are/have had a more complex pregnancy and recovery (as well as many whose pregnancy and birth has been relatively straightforward) and have experience of working with the following:

- Pelvic Girdle Pain during pregnancy

- Prolapse during pregnancy

- Pelvic Floor dysfunction, including incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain and nerve damage

You can find out more about these by clicking the relevant button below.

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