As a mum, your little one (or ones) will always take priority but many mums forget their 'me-time' - in the early post partum period, this is important in helping your body to heal and feel as though you are "getting back to you". Further down the line, these precious moments are all about wellbeing, health and feeling good. 

In light of this, I have created 2 bespoke programmes for new mums:

- The RECOVER & RESTORE programme is for mums in the early post partum period or for those who feel their their core and pelvic floor could do with some TLC. This is a gorgeous mix of pilates, release and functional work to strengthen key muscles post baby There is a special focus on nutrition for healing the body and exercise and relaxation to balance the mind.

The first session is 90 minutes and includes 30 minutes of non exercise time where I can look after your little one whilst you have a cup of tea, or take a shower or eat some of the healthy post workout treats.

- The FIT & FAB MUM programme is for those mums who have completed Recover and Restore and are ready for more of a challenge or for those who are later in the post partum period and have good core and pelvic floor function. This is a higher intensity programme with a special focus on nutrition for fat loss.

Each programme includes:

- Postural and mobility assessment

- 6 x 1 hr private sessions (+ 30 minutes additionally for your first session which includes 30 minutes of baby free time for you to enjoy)

- Fun and effective workouts using exercises that are safe and appropriate for the post natal body

- Guidance on nutrition and eating well for the whole family

- Advice on wellbeing, feeling awesome and getting your mojo back

- Relaxation techniques

- Mini workouts for outside of the sessions

- Email and phone support

Each programme costs £275 but you can buy both for £500
Price for 2:1 or small group training is available on request


A 6 week progressive programme for mums, prioritising wellbeing and post natal recovery - £275

  • Strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles

  • Improve post pregnancy posture and alignment for pain free exercise

  • Build strength for the activities that mums do everyday

  • Improve energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing

  • Nutrition for recovery


A 6 week progressive programme for mums, prioritising wellbeing and fat loss/strength building - £275

  • Higher intensity workouts to build strength and fitness

  • Advanced training techniques to challenge the body

  • Cardio designed for fun and fat loss

  • Improve energy levels and overall feeling of awesomeness

  • Nutrition for fat loss and vitality


This one off 90 minute session is designed to assess how your body is healing and provide guidance on exercise, lifestyle and nutrition.  This is a huge amount of knowledge and content condensed into a single session!  This includes :

- Tummy check to assess core strength and any Diastasis Recti (tummy gap)

- Postural assessment and release strategies

- Pelvic floor and core exercises

- Lifestyle and nutrition advice to aid healing

COST: £75 for 90 minutes

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