What to look for in a post natal personal trainer

A post about “What to look for in a post natal personal trainer” has been brewing in my head for a while. I recently inquired about a local mum & baby fitness class that I thought would be fun for me and my little boy.  I was told “the instructor has plenty of experience, just not with new mums” Eek! Yet this is a class popular with new mums because you can take your baby along and get a workout. I remember a client I worked with a few years ago who had seen a few personal trainers before I met her. Both had put her in full plank position in the first session. She was about 8 weeks post birth and had a weak midline and weak pelvic floor. An exercise such as a plank puts stress and pressure through an already weakened structure. We worked together to build a strong core and pelvic floor so we could progress her to more complex exercises.

If you are looking for a post natal personal trainer, you’ll want them to do the following:

  • Ask about your pregnancy, birth and recovery
  • Assess your breathing, tummy muscles and alignment
  • Ask about your pelvic floor and toilet habits
  • Progress or regress exercises so they are appropriate to where your body is at
  • Ditch the workout they had planned and offer something more gentle if you’ve been up all night with your little one
  • Demonstrate how they can take you from where you are to where you would like to be
  • Have a network of other women’s health professionals to refer you to
  • Have a specialist qualification
Like many personal trainers, I started with a very basic pre and post natal qualifications and found this was not enough. I have spent years going deeper so that I can offer clients the very best service. This has included qualifications in:
  • Advanced Core programming for post natal clients
  • Pregnancy exercise
  • Pelvic floor and core foundations
  • Pregnancy and postpartum athleticism
To date I have trained dozens of women through pregnancy and post partum. This includes those with pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis, pelvic girdle pain. My personal training and exercise classes in Leamington Spa have been designed with the pregnant or post natal body in mind. If you would like to know about pregnancy or post natal personal training in Leamington Spa, contact me for a chat.

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